Hello everyone, this is Harlan Kilstein and I’d like to welcome you to my new blog.

This is the place to find out all the information about Harlan Kilstein and what I’m up to.

Sometimes, I’ll be talking Finger Healing.

And yet other times, I’ll be talking about some of my products such as Physiology of Exellence, Finger Healing, or Yoga Weight Loss Diet.

This will be a major source of information about the Harlan Kilstein brand.  This is the place to come find out information about Harlan Kilstein.

So, what are the things you want to know about Harlan Kilstein?

First, Harlan Kilstein is a resident of Boca Raton, Florida.  Born in Brooklyn, NY, I’ve lived in other states as well.

A lot of people ask me, Harlan, what are you a doctor of?  And of course my response is Educational Supervision and Administration.

My dissertation was published by Xerox University microfilms.  You can look it up online using my name, Harlan Kilstein.