We all have bad days. We all go through dark times in our lives.

But if your dark time goes on and on, and you can’t seem to get out of it, you may be depressed. Of course, you should see your doctor immediately in this case.

People who are depressed may be told to do certain things by friendly people who are just “trying to help,” like: Take a walk in the fresh air. Do gymnastics… Do yoga… Get involved in a hobby…

These things are all great, and usually they work when someone is just in a bad mood.

But people who are truly depressed don’t yet have the strength to do these things. But human beings must breathe. Even in the darkest depression we still inhale and exhale.

So you can take this small step by focusing on breathing deeply, in and out, and using this Finger Healing:

Place both hands on your thighs. Place the tip of your thumb on the base of your little finger. As you inhale, slowly wrap the other four fingers around the thumb, forming a loose fist. As you exhale, open your hands again and imagine all the worries, fears, and unhappiness leaving your body. Hold this symbol whenever you feel you need it, for as long as you need it. Then slowly stretch your arms and legs, and stretch out your entire body.


Use this symbol when you feel you don’t have the strength for anything else, when your whole world seems dark.

It may help brighten things up a bit and give you the strength to take more steps forward.

Remember, don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. And if you’re ready to overcome the rest of the obstacles in your path, then it’s time to check out the Finger Healing DVD set. Like so many other people, you may find the answers you seek in the universal, ancient power of Finger Healing.

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