“Dear Dr. Kilstein,

I read all your fascinating emails and I ordered the DVD set a couple of months ago.

Our domestic helper, a lady in her 30s is suffering from chronic splitting headaches.

We went with her to see an eye specialist and ENT. They found no symptoms of anything abnormal.

Medications provided have not helped her much.

Would you have any Finger Healing suggestions on what to advise this lady?


Hi Gerard,

It can be hard for headache sufferers to find the source of their pain and tension.

But when you experience a strong headache, taking a few minutes to relax with this Finger Healing for Headaches can ease the pain and calm you down:

Sit comfortably with your back straight but not stiff.

Lift your hands to the level of your forehead.

Make fists, with your palms facing out.

Keep your thumbs stretched and pointing toward each other.

Now, press on the spots between your eyes and the sides of your nose, pushing upward into your brow.

Focus your eyes on the tip of your nose.

Breathe extremely slowly, taking long, deep breaths.

Focus on your breathing, and imagine the pain just seeping out of you as your whole body relaxes.

Hold this position for three minutes, then relax.

Along with directing healing energy to your head, this Finger Healing hits a key pressure point, relieving headache tension.

Other tips for helping headaches:

Drink plenty of water, and eat lots of fruit with a healthy diet.

Give yourself a quick head and neck massage, or (better yet) get someone to do it for you.

This loosens the blood vessels in the brain that are constricted.

Cut down on the caffeine gradually. Caffeine withdrawal causes headaches, and too much caffeine does also.

Add more exercise, especially yoga, into your daily routine. For a gentle, beginner yoga program, click here:


Give yourself time to de-stress. Use the guided meditations in the Finger Healing set to allow your body to get rid of stress and tension.

The Finger Healing DVD set is available here: