“Hi Dr. Kilstein,

Do you have any Finger Healing for a chronic unexplainable coughing?

I have been coughing for nine months and doctors can’t find anything wrong.

Please help!


Hi Norma,

First of all, you should definitely seek a second opinion.

If you’re a smoker, or smoked in the past, or suffer from asthma or other respiratory problems, you may need medical treatment.

Along with medical advice, I’d like to share with you a great Finger Healing symbol for breathing.

Breathing is what keeps us alive, but most of us barely notice how we breathe.

Your breath is the most powerful force in the universe–

If you know how to use it.

Try this symbol to breathe easier:

Sit comfortably with your back straight but not stiff.

Place your little fingers against the base of your thumbs.

Place your ring fingers on the upper joint of your thumbs.

Place your middle fingers against the tip of your thumbs.

Extend your index fingers.

Hold this symbol for three minutes.

As you hold the symbol, you can practice the following breathing exercise to help you get more in touch with your breath:

As you sit comfortably, focus your thoughts on the surface you’re sitting on.

Feel it underneath you.

Now, as you inhale, veeeery slowly move your focus upwards into your abdomen, stomach, chest, throat, forehead, and finally the top of your head.

Count slowly from 1 to 7 as you do this.

Now, hold your breath for about 5 seconds.

As you exhale slowly and gently, move your focus backwards, back through your forehead, throat, chest, stomach, abdomen, and finally to the floor.

Count backwards from 7 to 1.

Wait for a few seconds until the impulse to inhale returns again.

Don’t inhale until you feel the breath come to you.

Practicing this breathing exercise while you use the Finger Healing symbol lets you reenergize your body and your breath with new energy.

Tap into the amazing power of your breathing and feel the relief and rejuvenation that flows from your fingers.

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Harlan Kilstein