These two women are looking for love:

“Dear Dr. Kilstein,

I’ve been in love with one person for nearly 10 years.

I want to marry him.

Please tell me the Finger Healing symbol for success in love–I want to finally get my man!

Thank you,

And this letter from S. asking for my help getting a boyfriend to commit:

“Dear Dr. Kilstein,

I love my boyfriend from the bottom of the heart. I thought he did too, but recently I feel he has changed.

I asked him about it & he just ignored me.

He told me he has a “lot of work at the office.”

I think this is just an excuse.

But I don’t know what to do.

How can I make him love me as before?

Thank you,


Hi ladies,

Thanks for writing.

I get many letters from people looking for love.

If you’re not sure what it takes to get your love to commit to a relationship, then you need to keep reading.

Have you ever had someone break up with you
and you felt it was because they were "afraid
of commitment", or that they just weren’t "ready"?

Or maybe you’ve been in a relationship with
someone who didn’t leave… but inside you knew
they weren’t really as committed or in love as
you were and it caused all kinds of tension and

If this sounds like your situation, and I think it does, then you know how it feels to become less and less certain and satisfied as you spend more and more time and energy on your relationship.

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This symbol for attracting love is an ancient symbol that brings about instant unification.

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Harlan Kilstein