“Hi Dr. Kilstein,

Do you have any Finger Healing for depression and insomnia?

Please help, as medications I tried are very strong and they have side effects.

Thank you,


Hi D.,

Thanks for writing.

I understand you don’t want to take medication if you can help it, but you should always consult your doctor about your medical situation.

And there is a completely natural way for you to help your insomnia and depression.

Using this special Finger Healing symbol, you can activate and release tremendous positive energy reserves within your body.

Feeling depressed, listless, and having trouble sleeping indicates a lower reserve of this positive energy.

When you use the following Finger Healing symbol, your body taps into this energy source to help you feel happier, more active, and refreshed:

Sit comfortably with your back straight but not stiff.

Hold your hands so that your palms are facing you.

Place your right thumb in between your left ring and pinky fingers, so that your right thumb rests in the middle of your left palm.

Connect your left thumb with the tip of your left ring finger.

Stretch the left index and middle fingers out straight.

Bring the fingers on your right hand to curl around the back of your left hand.

Hold this symbol for three minutes.

Breathe long, deep, and slow.

To enhance your breathing and increase your energy, make sure you breathe as deeply as possible, expanding your abdominal area as you inhale.

Also, pause in between each inhale and exhale–wait for the need to breathe to come to you–don’t force it.

Using this symbol every day can improve your feelings of depression and help you sleep better.

If you don’t see improvement right away, try using it twice a day–in the morning and evening.

And to double the effectiveness of Finger Healing, I recommend using this symbol with the Overcoming Obstacles DVD.

This DVD is available here, along with the rest of the amazing set:


Tapping into the ancient wisdom of Finger Healing is a natural remedy with no known side effects–

But the results are unbelievable!

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Harlan Kilstein