Many years ago, I studied karate with Professor Harvey Sober at Yeshiva University. Dr. Sober was a legend in karate for performing what were known as "soft breaks".

He would approach a rock or large stone and lay his hand, or sometimes just a finger, and focus his energy on that stone and within seconds, it would explode.

Once a year, he would do a live demonstration of these soft breaks and I went to see it live.

The highlight of the demonstration came when Doctor Sober held a large boulder out in front of him and let his head gently come down and rest on the stone.

The stone shattered in front of his.

It didn’t look like he exerted any energy – yet, the evidence was there for all to see.

Years later, I discovered that one of the secrets to his success was his breathe. In the west, we take breathing for granted. In the east, breathing is an art form.

By tapping into breathe, a karate, akido, or qi master has nearly unlimited energy.

My teacher Sara shows how you can tap into the same energy to create a life of abundance.

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