Does this ever happen to you?

You’re in the middle of a sentence, and suddenly you lose your train of thought and can’t remember what you were going to say.

It’s on the tip of your tongue, but you can’t get to it.

I’ve noticed that these “brain farts” happen to me more often as I get older.

That’s why there’s a Finger Healing for Memory.

Use it when you lose your train of thought or need to remember something.

Use it to study for tests, and remember what you’ve read.

Use it to remember people’s names when you meet them.”

This is a wonderfully useful symbol, and easy to do:

Sit comfortably with your back straight but not stiff.

Place all your fingertips together, while keeping your hands apart.

Breathe long, deep, and slow.

You can use this just about anywhere, at any time, to help you remember.

To remember instantly, place your fingertips together, direct your eyes upward, and place the tip of your tongue on your gums as you inhale.

Let your tongue fall as you exhale.

Take a deep breath, and what you wanted to remember should come to you right away.

This simple motion will help your memory stay sharp and fresh.

Use this symbol regularly if you’re looking to expand your creativity and generate new ideas.

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Harlan Kilstein