“Hi Dr. Kilstein,

I have your Finger Healing DVDs and use them all the time.

I’ve never been a morning person, and I really have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning.

Sometimes I don’t even hear my alarm clock, or I just hit the snooze button again and again without even noticing.

It takes me a while to fall asleep and all I want to do in the morning is stay in bed.

Is there a Finger Healing that can make mornings easier?



Hi Jack,

Thanks for writing.

First, if you’re having trouble sleeping, it’s a good idea to figure out why.

Are you watching TV or on the computer right before bed?

Our brains usually need time to unwind and relax from the day, and TV stimulates the brain too much before bed.

Also try writing down the events of the day before bed. Getting them on paper can help you empty your mind before bed.

You also might want to do some gentle yoga before bedtime to refresh your mind and body (here’s a great program: http://yogaweightlossdiet.com/)

And when you wake up, while you’re still in bed, try this Finger Healing Wake-Up Exercise:

Clasp your fingers so that your right thumb lies above your left.

Your right thumb should press gently against your left thumb.

[Women should place the right thumb between the left thumb and index finger, pressing on it with the left thumb.]

Place your clasped hands behind your head.

Inhale and exhale deeply several times.

Open your eyes and mouth widely.

Press your elbows back into the pillow.

Rub your ankle bones together, as if you were trying to light a fire.

Now, extend your arms all the way up behind you, and stretch your legs and toes.

This final stretch completes the exercise and by this point you should feel invigorated, refreshed, and alert–

Ready to start the day.

And to help you overcome all the obstacles you may face during your day, I recommend the Finger Healing DVD set.

If you haven’t seen these incredible DVDs, you have no idea how many positive changes are in store for you.

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Harlan Kilstein