This is probably not a typical story. But 24 hours after a woman purchased The Hypnotic Secret, this is what she wrote on my Facebook wall.

"i am enjoying the hypnotic secret… a $7K sale today, the result of the recordings and other positive reinforcement tools…..thank you, harlan!"

Why does The Hypnotic Secret make a difference?

Because the unconscious processes keep getting in the way of your results.

Think of it this way.

A centipede is walking along on all 100 legs. It stops for a moment and begins to think…

I wonder which leg comes next.

It can no longer walk.

If you are like most people, you already KNOW about the Law of Attraction.

The reason you haven’t gotten results is because your conscious mind keeps THINKING, what leg comes next.

So I designed these multi-track recordings to make it IMPOSSIBLE for you to consciously think about the results.

It’s funny, people are asking me questions about the content of the CDs that are so funny because they think their minds can analyze three simultaneous recordings (plus the music).

You just can’t. The recordings overwhelm your conscious mind and leave your unconscious mind free to apply what it knows.

So far, I’ve gotten dozens and dozens of rave reviews.

But the only one that counts is yours.

Tell me what your results are.


Harlan Kilstein Ed.D.