“Dear Dr. Kilstein,

For millions of people, smoking has become a "disease" and it is obviously a serious addiction very difficult to

Would you have a suggestion for a Finger Healing which could help quitting this bad habit?

Thanks in advance and best regards,


Hi Eveline,

Good for you for trying to quit.

And to help you along the way, here is a Finger Healing to overcome addictions.

This Finger Healing may be practiced to help with any addiction: alcohol, drugs, smoking, gambling, or even bad relationships.

But it’s important to realize that behind every addiction is fear.

When you use an addiction to mask your fear, it just gets bigger and uglier.

When you bring your fear out into the open and stop hiding, you realize that this fear is not as bad as you think.

I recommend using this symbol twice a day, even three times if you can manage it, for at least two weeks.

The initial intense period will help build up a strong energy to help you through the toughest part of quitting.

Sit comfortably with your back straight but not stiff.

Make fists with your hands and then extend the thumbs out.

Press your thumbs on your temples where you feel a slight indentation.

Clench your teeth, locking the back molars, and keep your lips closed.

Vibrate your jaw muscles by alternating pressure on the back molars.

You will feel the muscle under your thumbs moving in rhythm.

Feel it massage your thumbs as you continue to apply firm pressure.

Continue this for three minutes, taking short, strong breaths.

Then relax, bringing your arms down and placing them at your sides.

Breathe deeply for another minute and feel your body relax as you become aware of just how tense you were, and how relaxed you have become.

I recommend using this symbol along with the Overcoming Obstacles DVD in the Finger Healing set.

Finger Healing is almost always more effective when you combine two symbols for a specific problem.

And the DVD set comes with an exceptional meditation to guide your thoughts and focus your energies directly on your problem.

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P.S. Another great tool for overcoming addictions, eliminating bad habits and fears, and building confidence can be found here:


Check it out.

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