You could hire a famous teacher from "The Secret" to teach you about "The Law of Attraction."

It would cost you $5000 to ride in his Rolls Royce.

But the number of people complaining that it was all a scam is shocking.

Now, I’m going to share the truth about "The Secret" and "The Law of Attraction" and make it work for you….


And I’m giving you a last courtesy reminder the price is going up… TONIGHT.

When I was doing hypnosis full time, I invented a technique for layering recorded tracks one on top of the other.

This was extremely powerful – especially with people who claimed – they could not be hypnotized.

I’ve now gone back to my roots and constructed a program so powerful, it’s getting standing ovations.

Here’s what a Master Hypnotist had to say:

"I have listened (and responded to)
your Hypnotic Secret three times now.

It is outstanding!

For my tastes,
it is far and away THE best recorded session(s)
that you have ever done!

The piano music is soothing and trancy
without being intrusive —

Your pretalks are solid –
and set up the sessions very nicely —

And the actual sessions #3&4 are without question your best work.
The stories and metaphors are engaging,
the weaving of left right and center tracks are tasteful, clever, and
overload without being "too much".

Even your voice tone, inflection, pacing, and emphasis
are stronger than I’ve ever heard before."

But what matters is not what people are saying but what
The Hypnotic Secret can do for your life.

It’s my take on what’s missing from "The Secret" and "The Law of Attraction."

I recommend you check it out.

One listener reported manifesting $7000 after the first time they listened to the recordings. Now, this may not happen to you. In fact, it’s a pretty extreme example. But it’s a truthful report. Imagine if it was you.

The price goes up tonight

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