As the days get shorter and the nights get longer and longer, it’s great to stay warm under the blankets.

It’s even better if you’re with someone special.

Marisa wants to find that someone:

"Hi Dr. Kilstein,

I’m waiting and waiting for years to be with someone.

I’m very lonely.

Is there a Finger Healing for me?

Thank you,


Hi Marisa,

First of all, stay positive.

If you have good friends, then consider yourself lucky and lean on them.

Find the things that are good in your life and focus on those.

And when you’re feeling especially lonely or misunderstood, use this Finger Healing for
Loneliness to get you through.

The energy in this symbol is so powerful that you’ll soon feel flooded with warmth and comfort.

Things look a lot more positive after using Finger Healing:

Sit comfortably with your back straight but not stiff.

Place both hands in front of your chest so that only the edges of your hands and tips of your fingers touch.

Now, open your hands slowly, but keep touching the tips of the little fingers and the outer edges of your thumbs.

Open the other fingers as wide as possible.

Breathe long, deep, and slow for four breaths.

Now bring your hands slowly closed.

Tuck the fingertips in so that the nails of each hand are touching each other, back to back.

Curl your fingers in even more so that the backs of your fingers are touching.

Turn your hands even further so that the backs of the hands are touching.

Let your hands hang down, relaxed for a while.

Now reverse the motions, bringing your hands slowly again into the open flower, the original position.

As you slowly open and close your hands, breathe long, deep, and slow.

Picture your hands as a flower that opens and closes, and visualize your heart as this flower, opening up to love and happiness.

Practice this Finger Healing with special concentration and the universe rewards you with whatever you need.

When you’re feeling lonely and sad, use this to boost your mood.

And if you’re looking to meet that someone special, I highly recommend using this symbol along
with the Attracting Love symbol.

The Attracting Love symbol is only available on the Finger Healing DVD set.

The 4 DVD set contains the most powerful Finger Healing symbols out there.

Once you experience these ancient symbols working magic in your life, you’ll see what everyone’s been raving about.

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