Ever since I asked people for their questions, I’ve been blown away by what’s been coming in.

Super questions and I promise I will get to all of them.

But the number one question I need to answer first is:

Do people attract failure into their life?

Are people responsible for all the bad things that occur to them?

These are serious questions that people have wrestled with for years.

Did the babies in Vietnam "attract" the napalm that fell on them from the sky?

Did the heroes who died in the Twin Towers "attract" the air planes that crashed in to them?

Did the victims of the Holocaust "attract" Hitler and the Nazi death camps?

And did some regular Joe who got into a car crash "attract" it?

Here’s what concerns me most – so listen up.

People are using The Law of Attraction as an excuse for feeling guilty about…

What do you think? Email me back because I’d like to know.

I’m not arguing with anyone. I’m just seriously curious about what you think.

Than afterwards, I’ll share what I think.

Oh, by the way, my assistant Amy’s husband is in surgery right now. So, I’d be delighted for your prayers and good wishes and…

She’s been too busy with her husband to change the price.

So the lower price is still available but as soon as she’s back home and gets him settled, the price goes up.

This is the last time at this price…


It’s blowing people away.



PS. Anyone sending me a testimonial gets a special recording not included in the set.

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