"Hi Dr. Harlan,

I have a serious skin condition that is causing much misery.

Could you offer a Finger Healing exercise for that?

The tops of my feet have almost unbearable itching.

I scratch it and that only makes it worse.

This happens to other parts of my body but the worst is my feet.




Hi Ruth,

I hope that you’ve seen your doctor about this.

If not, then you should do that right away.

But for anyone suffering from skin conditions, or even just extra dry, flaky, winter skin, here are some hints:

Drink lots of water.

Your skin needs to drink, too.

Staying hydrated helps your whole body, skin included.

I just can’t say this enough–more water.

Also eating healthy with lots of fruits and veggies can improve skin.

Keep your skin warm and dry during the winter, and be sure to moisturize well.

And to boost your skin’s natural healing elements, here is a Finger Healing for healthy skin:

Sit comfortably with your back straight but not stiff.

Place your thumbs in between the middle and ring fingers, while keeping all your other fingers straight.

Sit cross legged, and rest your hands lightly on your thighs.

Shape your lips so that they form an "O".

Focus your eyes on the tip of your nose.

Now inhale very slowly through your mouth.

Close your mouth and hold your breath for about 10 seconds.

Exhale very slowly through your nose.

Continue this "backwards breathing" for about three minutes, then relax.

Breathing this way has a deep cleansing effect on your whole system, including your skin.

Using this Finger Healing symbol can help you start seeing brigher, fresher, healthier skin.

And using other Finger Healing symbols can help you start seeing radical changes in your life:

Find the love you deserve, the financial freedom you need, and the happiness that you always wanted–just by unlocking the power that is…

ALREADY in your hands!

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