"Hi Dr. Kilstein,

Do you have Finger Healing for lower back pain?

I get these shooting pains down my back and nothing I’ve tried can stop them.

I don’t like taking pills, I prefer natural methods.

Any suggestions?


Hi R.,

Are you sitting down right now?

Good, because I want you to pay attention to how you’re sitting.

Is your back straight?

Are your shoulders hunched over or are they up and back?

Is your neck hanging forward like an ostrich?

You should be sitting up straight, but not stiff.

If not, then your back is out of alignment.

And that’s a signal of weak back muscles–they’re just not strong enough to hold you up!

When you’re not standing up straight, it puts pressure on the lower back and causes pain.

I’d say 80% of back problems are due to bad posture or weak muscles.

The perfect solution to strengthen those muscles is–yoga.

Gentle yoga is for everyone.

Anyone can do it–even if your toes are light years away.

This is the best yoga program for beginners:


And guess what?

You may even lose 20 or 30 pounds along the way! (I lost 58.)

Along with those yoga exercises, I recommend this Finger Healing symbol for back pain:

Sit comfortably, with your back straight, but not stiff.

With your right hand, place the tips of your thumb, middle, and pinky fingers together.

Extend the index and ring fingers.

With the left hand, curl the thumb and index finger so that the thumb rests on the nail of the index finger.

Extend the other fingers.

Hold this symbol for three minutes.

Breathe long, deep, and slow.

Focus on releasing the tense muscles in your back, neck, and shoulders as you exhale.

Practicing this symbol daily can relieve the pain of your aching back.

And this is just the beginning.

Give yourself the gift of healing this season.

Get the ultimate Finger Healing collection–4 incredible DVDs that will unlock the secrets to this mystical and ancient art.

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Check it out.


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