Is your past keeping you from living your best future?

Jay writes about his trouble moving on:

"Hi Dr. Kilstein,

It seems like every time I try to change or do something in my life, I can’t do it.

I read your emails all the time, and I think it might have to do with the beliefs I learned as a kid.

My parents got divorced when I was very little.

My mom raised me, and I learned that nothing I did was good enough for her.

And now every time I want something (a relationship, a good job, good grades) I give up before
I even try because I don’t think I can do it.

Is there a Finger Healing to get rid of negative beliefs?



Hi Jay,

I agree with you.

It’s time to leave those negative beliefs behind you–once and for all.

Your past is holding you back and keeping you from all the things you really want to achieve.

And believe me, you can have anything you want to…you deserve it.

But instead of focusing on all the negative things in your past that are locking you in, I want you to try something different.

I want you to stop looking backwards.

Imagine your life is a car…

How far are you gonna get by looking only in the rearview mirror?

Not very far.

You may even crash.

So start looking ahead, to your future.

Make a list of the things you want, and a list of steps you’re going to take to achieve those goals.

Tape it up somewhere you’ll see it all the time: by your computer or on the fridge.

And stop living in the past.

Let go of all your past negativity using this special Finger Healing:

Sit comfortably with your back straight but not stiff.

Form your hands into fists, thumbs outside.

Place them on your knees, palms facing up.

Sit tall, and attempt to stretch as if trying to be taller.

Breathe long, deep, and slow.

Focus on gathering all the negative energy and all your past experiences and beliefs into your fists.

Feel your body making space for the lighter, happier new you.

After three minutes, relax and open your fists, releasing all that negative energy and pushing it away from you.

Practice this symbol every day as you focus on the future and leaving your past behind.

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