Most of the people writing to me are complaining about how the Law of Attraction is NOT working for them.

Seeing how it’s worked in MY life. I’m stunned.

Then when I probe a bit deeper, I see people have some fundamental concepts entirely wrong.

In the last two days I have received emails from people who were angry the Universe hadn’t answered their demands.

Listen to this lady’s complaint:

I have been working on The Law of Attraction for 4 years and, I am at the point now that it is probably time to take a dirt nap.

What is it that she wants? The Universe won’t give her a winning lottery ticket. And if she isn’t going to get a winning lottery ticket, she might as well be dead.

Can you hear what’s going on in her head?

She believes everyone is out to get her. For her, the Law of Attraction is a 24 candy store where you can take what you want.

And her proof for the Law of Attraction is her winning the lottery.

Folks, the Law of Attraction isn’t about numbers. It’s about your mindset.

If your mindset is negative, that’s what you are going to get in results. I hope you can understand the connection.

The most important thing you can do is change your mindset and your self esteem.

I’ve made a video for you to watch here:

And when you recognize the truth in what I’m saying, it’s time to change YOUR mindset.

And the fastest way to change your mindset is with the Hypnotic Secret.

Go here to grab a copy:

Peace and prosperity,


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