Listen closely, because you could be torturing your body without even knowing it.

You could be damaging your nervous system if you do any of the following:

– If you analyze or overanalyze every detail in your life, or other people’s lives…

– If you spend too much time thinking about what-ifs, or what could have been…

– If you spend more time analyzing and thinking about an event than actually enjoying it…

– If you spend too much time worrying about the future…

Then you need this Finger Healing for Calm Nerves.

It will help you leave those endless questions behind, so that you can relax and enjoy more of the good things in your life.

Here’s how you do it:

Sit comfortably with your back straight but not stiff.

Lift your left hand to ear level, with your palm facing out.

Connect your left thumb and middle finger.

Stretch out the other fingers.

Place your right hand in front of your stomach, palm facing up.

Touch your thumb and little finger together, but keep the other fingers straight.

Inhale slowly while counting to four, then exhale in one strong breath.

Hold this symbol for three minutes, then relax.

Practicing this symbol a few times a week will help you calm your nerves.

You’ll begin to enjoy your experiences and let life flow, instead of trying to control everything.

And you may find yourself a whole lot happier.

To use Finger Healing to overcome life’s problems, I recommend you try the Finger Healing DVD set right away.

This set comes with all the tools you need to make Finger Healing work for YOU and your unique situation and problems.

It’s almost too good to be true.

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