Famous wrestler Hulk Hogan just filed a lawsuit against his ex-wife, accusing her of stealing–get this–

A wooden toilet seat.

Apparently it’s an antique.

So why is he making a big deal about a toilet seat?

It’s not the toilet seat that matters.

Sometimes we nitpick about small things to cover up how angry and hurt we are.

And Hulk Hogan reveals in his autobiography that he considered suicide after his wife filed for divorce.

It just goes to show…no matter how strong you are physically, you need a lot more than physical strength to make it through life’s challenges.

You need inner strength.

Even the strongest wrestling champion can go through rough emotional times.

But now Hulk is engaged to someone else, and hopefully he’ll find happiness.

Nonetheless, it’s those hard times when you need that special inner strength.

And we all have huge reserves of emotional strength and wisdom.

They are hidden deep inside of us.

But if you know how to access them, you can find the answers and solutions to all of your

Here is a Finger Healing to put you in touch with that inner strength and help you find answers:

Sit comfortably with your back straight but not stiff.

Curl your index fingers and curl your thumbs over them, forming a small circle.

Straighten the other three fingers.

Bring your hands together at the level of your chest.

The middle two fingers of your right hand should be underneath the middle two fingers of your left hand, so that they overlap just a bit.

Keep your elbows out to the sides, so that your forearms and hands are parallel to the ground.

Inhale deeply through your nose while counting to four.

Then shape your lips into an O and exhale with a whistle so that you can hear the breath exit
through your mouth.

Hold this symbol for three minutes, and feel the power building within you.

Your fingers are tapping into that reserve of strength and courage to help you get through any challenge.

Practice this symbol every day when you’re going through hard times.

Your path should become clearer the more you practice.

This symbol works best when paired with the Overcoming Obstacles symbol from the Finger Healing DVD set.

The incredible 4 DVD set ramps up the power of Finger Healing and pairs the symbols with incredible guided meditations to help you optimize your experience.

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