My name is Dr. Harlan Kilstein and my ads, direct mail letters, web-sites, and radio ads have made millions and millions of dollars for my clients. People call from all over the world just to get me to write ads for them. People routinely pay me thousands of dollars to create ads for them. I’ve taken the most distressed businesses and turned them around overnight.

Now, I know you probably never heard of me – I was content to stay in the background with my small but elite group of clients. That’s when I discovered something. The average business has absolutely zero-chance of getting one of the top people in direct marketing to do their copy for them. They are booked for months – even years – in advance.

Even more frightening. Even if you pay one of the big names the staggering amounts of money they ask for, there’s no guarantee that they will actually personally do the work for you. They won’t tell you this but chances are, some flunky is actually going to do the work for you and the big name you pay is only going to review it and make a change or two. Almost all the leading copywriters farm their work out. So you pay Rolls Royce prices and get VW quality.


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