Here's an email from a reader who's determined to make the Law of Attraction work.

But he's missing a key ingredient that dooms him to fail--before he even starts:

"Thank you for doing this Dr. Harlan.

I have known about the Law of Attraction for years, but I never thought it would be so HARD to BELIEVE. But I will never give up.

Recently I did a challenge I have had deep inside me for many years.

I went public with this statement..."Tony M. To Release New Book "How I Thought My Way Into 
,000,000 In 30 Days."

Of course the time has come and gone without my desired results.

Should I have quit after failing?

Not me!

Now my new title is "How I Thought My Way Into 

,000,000 In 25 Days".

Crazy? Maybe! But we’ll see.

Sincerely yours,


Hi Tony,

Here’s the truth:

All those people who have been teaching about the Law of Attraction?

Well, they’ve been leaving something out.

Actually, it’s the most important ingredient to making the Law of Attraction work.

According to them, you’re just supposed to request what you want, believe you’ll get it, and it will magically appear.

But that’s not how it really works.

So if you want to make million just by thinking about it…

You’re setting yourself up to fail.

Big time.

If you’re going to sit in bed and eat bon bons, waiting for money to start raining down on you, you’re going to be disappointed.

Now, don’t get me wrong.

I don’t want you to give up.

I want you to succeed.

But it’s never going to happen unless you take some action.

Without a take-action plan, you’re doomed to fail again and again…

But if you make a plan, and follow through on that plan, you’ll find that the Law of Attraction really does work.

And getting that push to take action has never been easier than with the Hypnotic Secret.

The unique method of recording floods your brain with positive messages that completely override any negative thoughts and feelings.

It literally puts you in a super-charged state…completely ready to go out and take the action you need to achieve your goals.

These recordings enable you to harness the full power of the Law of Attraction to finally achieve everything you desire.

So instead of sitting on your butt and waiting for the Law of Attraction to spontaneously shower you with success…

You need to take action!

And the best action you can take is clicking here to order your copy of the Hypnotic Secret recordings:

Once you set your goal, the Hypnotic Secret lets your subconscious mind do the rest.

Your goals and dreams have never been easier to achieve.

So what's YOUR goal?

Get started here:

Peace and Prosperity,


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"Hi Dr. Kilstein,

Do you have Finger Healing for lower back pain?

I get these shooting pains down my back and nothing I’ve tried can stop them.

I don’t like taking pills, I prefer natural methods.

Any suggestions?


Hi R.,

Are you sitting down right now?

Good, because I want you to pay attention to how you’re sitting.

Is your back straight?

Are your shoulders hunched over or are they up and back?

Is your neck hanging forward like an ostrich?

You should be sitting up straight, but not stiff.

If not, then your back is out of alignment.

And that’s a signal of weak back muscles–they’re just not strong enough to hold you up!

When you’re not standing up straight, it puts pressure on the lower back and causes pain.

I’d say 80% of back problems are due to bad posture or weak muscles.

The perfect solution to strengthen those muscles is–yoga.

Gentle yoga is for everyone.

Anyone can do it–even if your toes are light years away.

This is the best yoga program for beginners:

And guess what?

You may even lose 20 or 30 pounds along the way! (I lost 58.)

Along with those yoga exercises, I recommend this Finger Healing symbol for back pain:

Sit comfortably, with your back straight, but not stiff.

With your right hand, place the tips of your thumb, middle, and pinky fingers together.

Extend the index and ring fingers.

With the left hand, curl the thumb and index finger so that the thumb rests on the nail of the index finger.

Extend the other fingers.

Hold this symbol for three minutes.

Breathe long, deep, and slow.

Focus on releasing the tense muscles in your back, neck, and shoulders as you exhale.

Practicing this symbol daily can relieve the pain of your aching back.

And this is just the beginning.

Give yourself the gift of healing this season.

Get the ultimate Finger Healing collection–4 incredible DVDs that will unlock the secrets to this mystical and ancient art.

It’s available exclusively by clicking here:

Check it out.


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"Hi Dr. Harlan,

I have a serious skin condition that is causing much misery.

Could you offer a Finger Healing exercise for that?

The tops of my feet have almost unbearable itching.

I scratch it and that only makes it worse.

This happens to other parts of my body but the worst is my feet.




Hi Ruth,

I hope that you’ve seen your doctor about this.

If not, then you should do that right away.

But for anyone suffering from skin conditions, or even just extra dry, flaky, winter skin, here are some hints:

Drink lots of water.

Your skin needs to drink, too.

Staying hydrated helps your whole body, skin included.

I just can’t say this enough–more water.

Also eating healthy with lots of fruits and veggies can improve skin.

Keep your skin warm and dry during the winter, and be sure to moisturize well.

And to boost your skin’s natural healing elements, here is a Finger Healing for healthy skin:

Sit comfortably with your back straight but not stiff.

Place your thumbs in between the middle and ring fingers, while keeping all your other fingers straight.

Sit cross legged, and rest your hands lightly on your thighs.

Shape your lips so that they form an "O".

Focus your eyes on the tip of your nose.

Now inhale very slowly through your mouth.

Close your mouth and hold your breath for about 10 seconds.

Exhale very slowly through your nose.

Continue this "backwards breathing" for about three minutes, then relax.

Breathing this way has a deep cleansing effect on your whole system, including your skin.

Using this Finger Healing symbol can help you start seeing brigher, fresher, healthier skin.

And using other Finger Healing symbols can help you start seeing radical changes in your life:

Find the love you deserve, the financial freedom you need, and the happiness that you always wanted–just by unlocking the power that is…

ALREADY in your hands!

Test drive the proven Finger Healing DVD set here:


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This story is a little bit embarrassing. When I was in high school, I was on the school wrestling team. One day, I was scheduled for a scrimmage with the local champion in our weight class.

He took the down position. I was on top and the ref said, "Go!"

Next thing I new, I was staring at the lights on the ceiling. Pinned.

Okay, let’s do it again.

The second time around, the lights didn’t look any different. Pinned again.

And so it was the third time, fourth time and so on until…

It is now the ELEVENTH time. And this time, after 10 pins in a row. I made up my mind.

He was NOT GOING TO PIN ME. I held him in a vise-like grip until he collapsed on the floor laughing.

"What’s so funny?" I asked him.

"You are" he said. "I just wanted to see how many times I could do the exact same thing and get away with it."

What made the difference on the last time? It was my determination and goal to succeed.

Most people aren’t very clear about their goals. That’s why hypnosis blows the dust out of the cobwebs of your mind and lets you attain your goals much more easily.

Here’s what you should do before beginning hypnosis.

Think (or say out loud) what your real goal is. BUT…

It must be stated in the positive such as,

"I am earning $5000 a month" (you fill in the amount you want).


"I am driving a new Toyota Prius" (you fill in the exact car you want.)

This way, you direct your experience.

And the hypnosis allows you to set your goal and get there rapidly.

Once you set your goal, your subconscious mind starts attracting success.

Here’s where your success starts:

Go for it.

Peace and Prosperity,


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"Dr. Kilstein,

Thank you very much for all you do. I have your 4 DVD set, and have been using the Finger Healing to attract love every night.

I am using it to attract a specific person, and I must admit that I am growing impatient although I truly believe Finger Healing works. Is there anything more that I can do?

I really expected this to be an "easy case" because I used to date this person and he was intensely attracted to me at the time. We always had a fabulous time and he seemed quite "smitten" with me.

Then very suddenly he called me and said he had an internal conflict and did not want a relationship. Since then, we go out together as friends–mostly to lunch. People seeing us always say he looks and acts like he really wants to get back with me; we always have a great time.

But he seems to want no physical contact with me. He gives me a quick kiss coming and going, but otherwise doesn’t touch me (even if I pat him on the arm, for example).

Any advice or help I can have from you I would deeply appreciate.

Thank you,


Hi M.,

Thanks for writing.

From what you’re telling me, you may be focusing your efforts in the wrong place.

You need to get clear about who you want in your life.

Sometimes, people tell me they do this exercise and it doesn’t work.

When I ask them if they had someone in mind when they did the exercise they usually respond…

Yes, my boyfriend who left me 3 years ago to marry my best friend.

Yes, the guy I work with in the office…but he’s married.

Okay, listen up.

The answer you are getting from the Universe is one you don’t want to hear.

And I think this might be your situation, M.

You’re focusing your energy on the wrong person, and the universe is just saying "NO".

And you’re also closing yourself off to other great possibilities.

Finger Healing can help you attract the love you want–if it’s the right love for you.

So if you want to attract love in your life, you’ve gotta start fresh.

You can’t go through life wishing and hoping for something that is not in line with what the Universe wants for you.

So here’s a Finger Healing for that fresh start:

Sit comfortably with your back straight but not stiff.

Lift your arms up to shoulder level.

Bend your elbows and keep them parallel to the ground.

Tuck your thumbs under your armpits and keep the rest of your fingers straight and together.

Your hands should be above your chest, with your palms facing down, as if you are using your hands to divide your body above your heart.

As you inhale, the distance between your middle fingers should get bigger.

As you exhale, the middle fingers should touch or cross over each other.

With every breath feel the healing energy expanding your heart and preparing it for the love you deserve.

Hold this position for three minutes.

Breathe long, deep, and slow.

Repeat this three times a week.

I teach a different powerful Finger Healing position in my DVD set and accompany it with a powerful mediation.

I’d recommend getting your copy as soon as possible by ordering it here:


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"I was skeptical about The Hypnotic Secret,
but something inside of me kept saying "you can do it"
and another part of me can really see an amazing future.

So I got The Hypnotic Secret about a week ago
and listen to it every night before I go to sleep.
It feels great to sleep with positive words and pictures in my head.

Yesterday I got a deal memo from a famous Hollywood producer.
It’s a miracle that could mean millions to me —
and I’m on the verge of breaking into Hollywood after only 3 years in LA.

The Law of Attraction is working for me!

Everybody is different and unique, and everybody’s results will be unique too —
but I could not be happier with the way things are FINALLY coming together.

Thank you Doctor Kilstein for finally making The Secret work for me.
Feel free to use to story to tell other people about your fantastic sessions".

Jim Van Wyck

Now I don’t know if you’re going to attract millions within a week like Jim did who got a deal memo from a Hollywood producer but the Hypnotic Secret can change your life.

Take it for a test drive:


Harlan Kilstein

PS. What’s YOUR goal?

Make it happen with

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A lot of people like the word instant.

There’s instant coffee and instant tea.

Heck, you can even instantly inflate your tire.

When I was a kid and you turned on your TV, you had to wait a few minutes for it to "warm up."

Now, everything is instant on.

And so people promise Instant Results using the Law of Attraction.

Put your ear down close to the computer.

I want to whisper something to you but I don’t want "Them" to hear it.


Here goes…

They are lying to you.

That’s not the way the Law of Attraction works.

In fact, until you give up this attitude, the most you are going to attract is a bunch of flies if you hold up some rotting meat.

Seriously, most people won’t tell you the truth but I will. So here goes.

The Law of Attraction DOES work.

But when you deal with the Universe – it’s not a fast food restaurant.

Okay, I’ll have the Rolls Royce with a side order of beach front property in Hawaii.

Because if that was the way it worked, everyone would be driving a Rolls.

The FIRST THING you have to change is… YOU!

And unless you change, you’re just fooling yourself with the Law of Attraction.

But fortunately, there is a way to accelerate your change and that’s by…

Changing Yourself First.

And hypnosis is the fastest way by FAR for personal change.

So when you use the Hypnotic Secret, the first thing you’ll notice is that YOU start changing.

And within a short time, you notice you are able to start attracting smaller things – almost at will.

And that’s when the burden is lifted and you can start the magic.

And I’m inviting you to take the Hypnotic Law of Attraction for a test drive.

It’s December, you’ve got the holidays to put this to work.

And I’ve got you covered with a very generous guarantee.

So take your time. Make your work meaningful.

And get started right here:



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