“Hi Dr. Kilstein,

I wanted to thank you for your calm, common sense approach to the H1N1 flu.

Your Finger Healing and advice are very good.

I would like to see a Finger Healing for building up a robust immune system.

Thanks! And keep up the good work!


Hi Elizabeth,

Thanks for writing.

Even without the swine flu going around, it’s the beginning of regular flu season…

Not to mention all the coughs, colds, and viruses that come along with the colder weather.

So I can’t blame you for wanting to boost your immune system.

Here are some things you can do to improve your immune system:

Drink plenty of water and eat a healthy diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Exercise: do yoga, go walking or running, or play a sport. Anything that gets your heart rate going.

Get enough sleep. When your body doesn’t have enough time to recover, you become more vulnerable to infection.

Keep your stress levels low by practicing Finger Healing regularly.

And use this great Finger Healing symbol to boost your immune system:

Sit comfortably with your back straight but not stiff.

Place your index fingers inside the folds of your thumbs (the skin between the thumb and index finger).

Now put the tips of your thumbs against the sides of your middle fingernails.

Extend your ring and little fingers.

Breathe long, deep, and slow.

Hold this position for three minutes.

This Finger Healing is great to use even while you’re healthy to ward off illness.

And it’s good for fighting allergies, too.

Hope everyone stays happy and healthy this winter.

And don’t forget:

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Harlan Kilstein